Everything O-Matic



A simple Google search of "O-Matic" will reveal an abundance of name brands that use this term. Here are some of the more popular "O-Matics" and an insight to what they are.


Strat-O-Matic is a game company. This company specializes in table top sports games simulations. Their biggest hit is their table top baseball game. They do however have a hockey game, football game and a basketball game. They have developed similar versions of their games for personal computers also. Strat-O-Matic hails out of Glen Head, New York and has been making sports simulation games for over 40 years.


Save-O-Matic is more a way of life than anything else. A person that knows where to shop and get the best deal is referred to as a Save-O-Matic. These people know that they can simply log onto sites like savings.com and get the best deal online. It is always good to befriend a Save-o-Matic as they will always help you find a bargain.


Snap-O-Matic is another one that appears in the search results. This name however has to different links to it. One is a link to a tool called the Snap-O-Matic which is a tool used for threading pipes. However, the second result for Snap-O-Matic is to an ezine for photographers in Bangladesh that is published twice a month.


As the results continue to load from Google, you will see Trig-O-Matic. Trig-O-Matic mechanical overload clutches to be exact. This overload clutch is made up of 3 major components, the automatic limit switch, the rotor and the housing assembly.


The Stack-O-Matic is a record player made by Crosley Radio. This is a remake of an old model turntable. The Stack-O-Matic allows you to stack your records up on the turntable and then they will play one by one with out you having to change the records.


The Tune-O-Matic is a fixed bridge for electric guitars. This Tune-O-Matic bridge was designed by Ted McCarty in 1954. You can now find this style bridge on most of the Gibson's fixed bridge electric guitars. The Tune-O-Matic is also known as the "TOM".


The Brew-O-Matic is a Pourover Coffee Brewer. This machine makes, in only 3 minutes, ten cups of coffee. The Brew-O-Matic uses a system that holds water inside the machine and keeps it at brewing temperature. This allows the Brew-O-Matic to make many cups of coffee in a short period of time with out losing any flavor.

Ice-O-Matic is a company that manufactures several products that are ice related. The make things like the Ice-O-Matic cuber, dispenser, flaker, water filter and even an Ice-O-Matic storage bin. The Ice-O-Matic company is located in Denver, Colorado and has been in business for over 50 years.


The Eye-O-Matic is a ladies right handed golf club that is manufactured by MacGregor. It is made of titanium, except for the shaft which is granite.


For all you steamers out there, the Steam-O-Matic is steam control system that is automatic. It is a 3 kW steam generator that is controlled by a glass touch screen. The Steam-O-Matic is very compact and installs in a corner or under a seat. The Steam-O-Matic can be intergraded into a big steam generating system or it can run alone and still do the job well.


Firemen are used to seeing the Select-O-Matic; it is a nozzle that regulates water pressure coming out of a hose that the firemen use to put out fires. The Select-O-Matic will give a steady stream of water pressure in either the fog mode or the straight stream mode. A Select-O-Matic can even have a glowing bumper on the end of it for putting out fires at night.

The "O-Matics" list goes on and on. These are just a few of the things you will find when searching the web for "O-Matics".

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